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Identification of representative organizations for transborder problems in the Mekong River Basin

(02:23:07 PM, 20/05/2020)

The Vietnam Mekong River Commission is an inter-agency coordination organization, which helps the Prime Minister direct and manage inter-sectoral, inter-provincial and inter-national activities in order to effectively and sustainably manage and use resources. water and related resources in the Mekong Basin.

This is the content of the Decision defining the functions, tasks, powers and organizational structure of the Vietnam Mekong River Commission which has just been promulgated by the Prime Minister.

Accordingly, the Vietnam Mekong River Commission is responsible for researching and proposing to the Prime Minister directions and solutions to address important, inter-branch and inter-national issues in the Mekong River Basin, including the Mekong and Se San - Srepok river basins of Viet Nam.

The Vietnam Mekong River Commission will assist the Prime Minister in urging the ministries, branches, localities and related organizations and individuals to implement the Mekong River Basin Sustainable Development Cooperation Agreement and other relevant regulations and procedures; implementation of inter-provincial river basin water resources planning; specialized and environmental planning with the exploitation and use of water resources in the Mekong and Se San - Srepok river basins; implementation of approved programs, projects and projects in the Mekong and Se San - Srepok river basins.

Regarding the organizational structure of the Vietnam Mekong River Commission, the Deputy Prime Minister is the Chairman of the Committee; The Minister of Natural Resources and Environment is the Permanent Vice Chairman cum Member of the International Mekong River Commission. The Vice Chairmen of the Committee include: Deputy Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Planning and Investment, Agriculture and Rural Development.

The Commissioners are Deputy Heads of Government Office; Deputy Ministers of Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Industry and Trade, Construction, Transport, Science and Technology, Information and Communications, Culture, Sports and Tourism, National Defense, and Public Security; Chief of the Vietnam Mekong Committee Office cum Member of the Joint Committee of the International Mekong Commission of Viet Nam; Director General of Department of Water Resources Management; General Director of Vietnam Environment Administration ...

The Vietnam Mekong Commission has 2 sub-commissions: the Mekong River sub-commission and the Se San - Srepok river basin sub-commission.