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More than USD 80 million helped Viet Nam to cope with climate change

(02:31:07 PM, 08/06/2020)

The Board of Directors of the World Bank (WB) has just approved the IDA loan with a total commitment of USD 84.4 million to support the Government of Viet Nam in implementing multi-sectoral policy reforms, in order to enhance the ability to cope with climate change variables on the basis of protecting natural resources, developing transport and green energy.

This loan demonstrates the World Bank's strong commitment to support the Government of Viet Nam to continue the success of the Program to respond to Climate Change, and also as a bridge to move to a new phase with programs. climate change after 2020.

This loan focuses on areas that are capable of creating groundbreaking changes to address climate change challenges, focusing on supporting measures to reduce the impact of climate change on climate change. The Government of Viet Nam, through improving natural resource management and effective management of public investment in responding to climate change.

Support contents include policies to help strengthen climate change adaptation planning (especially in forest planning and Mekong Delta planning), developing budgets for coping with climate change and strengthening protection and efficient use of water resources; Promote clean transport and energy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution.

Khanh Anh