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Approval of the master plan on water resource basic survey to 2030 ( 29/03/2021 )
Deputy Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Dung signed a decision approving the master plan on water resource basic survey to 2030, with a vision to 2050.

 Accordingly, Viet Nam strives to complete the construction and maintenance of the national water resources monitoring network system (including central and local water monitoring networks by 2030) warning systems, forecasting floods, droughts, saltwater intrusion, sea level rise and other harm caused by water. Completed the construction and commissioning of the monitoring system for the coordination and operation of all reservoirs according to the inter-reservoir operation process on 11 river basins and the monitoring system of exploitation and use water, discharge wastewater into water sources according to regulations.

The planning also sets out a target to strive to complete the survey and integrated assessment of underground water resources by 2030; searching and discovering inter-provincial and intra-provincial underground water sources; investigation and assessment of surface water resources; complete the delineation and announcement of restricted underground water exploitation areas nationwide; completing the identification and announcement of the capacity to receive wastewater, the load capacity of water sources for rivers, inter-provincial, inter-national river sections, key intra-provincial rivers for water pollution and rivers the river section plays an important role in socio-economic development of the region and locality.

For the basic investigation activities of particular nature, promptly provide information and data on current status of exploitation, use of water resources, discharge of wastewater, exhaust gas, and other wastes into water sources; pollution, degradation, depletion, salinity of water sources; assessing, warning and forecasting the impact of climate change on water resources, unusual changes in quantity and quality of water sources and the harmful effects caused by water.




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