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World Meteorological Day 2019 (March 23): ( 15/03/2019 )
The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) has chosen the theme for the World Meteorological Day this year as "Sun, Earth and Weather". This topic reflects the core role of WMO and the essential role of hydrometeorology in monitoring the earth system to provide daily weather forecasts and consultation for policy makers on climate change.

* The Sun - heart of The Earth

In the broadcasting message on this anniversary, Mr. Secretary-General of WMO said that understanding how the sun affecting weather and climate is important to build resilient communities to climate change.

For billions of years, the sun has provided energy for all lives on Earth. The sun controls the hydrological cycles, ocean currents and weather. The sun shapes our emotions and activities every day, and the Sun itself is an endless source of inspiration for music, photography and art. At the ideal distance from the sun, the earth is warmed and therefore it maintains the growth and development.

However, the sudden increase of greenhouse gases concentration is causing global warming. Climate change is posing risks to health, livelihoods, food security, water supply, human security and economic growth. It is even expected to increase with the global warming.

Climate change has created extreme heat waves and high temperatures at the local level as well as at national, regional and global levels. The phenomenon of heat waves begins earlier, ends later, occurs more frequently and more severely as a result of climate change.

This global warming is not due to the Sun because satellite data over the past 30 years has shown that the solar energy supplied to Earth has not increased recently. In contrast, the sun can also provide energy to limit greenhouse gas emissions and reduce the impact of climate change.

In the context of climate change, people are studying to use solar energy to replace fossil fuels. Even in cloudy weather, the sun can provide an alternative energy source. Solar energy is being increasingly used worldwide to produce electricity, heat or to convert seawater into fresh water.

* Vietnam celebrates the event at a hundred-year meteorological work

Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE) has just announced, the ceremony to celebrate the World Meteorological Day this year will be held at Phu Lien observatory, Kien An District, Hai Phong City.

Responding to the World Meteorological Day 2019, MONRE will organize a series of events and activities such as: meetings and dialogues at Phu Lien observatory. This work has a lifetime of over 100 years in Vietnam, which has been voted by WMO to meet the criteria of 100-year-old Meteorological Station.

Phu Lien observatory was built in 1902 on Dau Son mountain (now belonging to Kien An district, Hai Phong city) with the height of 116 m from the sea level. It is the first one built in Indochina according to French architecture, which is the origin of the meteorological and hydrological sector of Vietnam, the top 100 famous works of 100 years old in Vietnam, the location for scientific research, meteorological and hydrological forecasting for the whole Indochina region, and an attractive tourist destination up to now.

Phu Lien observatory is still a place to closely monitor climate change, timely warning the dangerous weather phenomena such as storms, tropical low pressure, floods, etc., especially is to provide daily data for the general forecasting of the national forecasting newsletter.

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